8 Steps to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

 Hi Friends,I hope you will be fine.If you are searching how to write SEO-friendly blog posts then this article is absolutely for you because in this article I will explain you all that you want to know.

It is not only important to write a blog post but also to get traffic to it.Because you won't benefit from writing a post if it doesn't get traffic.There for I am going to tell you how to write SEO-friendly blog posts.Because unless you write a Seo Friendly blog post, traffic will not come on it and your blog post will not appear in Google search.So read article carefully.

Let's gets start:

1.Use Low competition Keyword

So the first and most important step is to use a keyword for your post which has low competition.There are many keyword research tool that can show you that your keyword is low competition or high competition.But the keyword research tool which I use is ahref research tool.Because it is free of cost and easy to use.

So you have to find low competition keyword.


First of all you need to add title make the title neither too long nor too short just keep it medium.

3.Keyword Placement

You have to write your blog post in small paragraphs.Your key world should appear about five to six times in your post.And wherever your keyword appears, make it bold as I have done in my post.Keyword placement is most important for you if you are searching forhow to write SEO-friendly blog posts want to rank in google.

4.Write Proper Introduction

You have to give a basic introduction to whatever you are going to tell in your article.And for the introduction I would recommend you one thing that the first line of the introduction should contain your target keyword.The keyword you are focusing on should definitely be in the first line of your introduction, it will improve your CTR and your ranking in Google will also be very good.So you have to be very careful about this thing.

The length of your introduction paragraph approximately be 100 to 150 word.

The introduction is very important in the article.Because the introduction itself decides whether the person who came to your article will read your entire article or will go back from there.

5.Add Image

You have to put an image of whatever you are writing an article about.It would be great if you compress this image and add in your post.

6.Length of your Post

Make sure that your post is more than 300 words and less than 1000 words.Some people say that longer posts rank better in Google.But that doesn't mean at all that short posts don't rank well.Just keep in mind that your post is informative and easy to read.

It will help you

7.URL of your Post

Make custom permalink for you blog post.If you use your target keyword to make your article link so it would be great.It will improve your ranking in google.

8.Don’t use Large Paragraph

Right your blog post in short paragraph.If you write your blog post in long paragraphs, it will be difficult for the reader to read you post and they will leave your post without reading it.

These are some step that will help you to write your blog post SEO-Friendly.If you include these all step in your post then your post will definitely be rank in google.

I hope you have enjoyed our article how to write SEO-friendly blog posts.

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