How You Can Earn Money By Typing In 2023

 Hello Guys My name is Ghulam Bahoo,I hope you are doing well.In this article we will tell you about earn money by typing.

So guys, all the students or maximum people want to get a job in which they can earn a lot of money by typing.So in today's article I am going to share with you some such platforms in which you will be able to earn money as a student without any investment.So definately friends if you are also a student or you are looking for part time work from where you can earn money by working online.So read this article till the end.

earn money by typing


So guys our first plateform from which you can earn money by typing is

What is

rev .com is an online transcription platform where people transcribe their video or audio file.

How to earn from

You can earn from as a freelancer.You will get audio video file as a transcripter and you have to type this video or audio in English.After doing this job you will be earn in us dollars.

Is a legit company?

Many people doubt whether the site on which they work will pay them or not.So guys I am telling you that it is a 100% percent legit website that pay you every week means on every monday.

What is the payment method on

The payment method on is Paypal.They will send your payment in paypal without any fee.

So guys our second site from which you can earn money by typing is

Many people run away from many freelancer websites because you don't get work there or you have to wait to get a job, but that won't happen here, the job will wait for you, you won't have to wait for a job.

How to earn from

This is a site where you will be able to earn as a freelancer.When you visit this website after creating an account you will get a browse option.Many jobs will open in front of you.Here you will find many jobs that you can apply for.You can get these job easily.

What is the payment method for

The company accept 4 payment method from which you can withdraw easily. 

(Bank) Express Withdrawal ,(Bank) Wire Transfer,PayPal, and Skrill.


So friends our third site in which you can earn money by typing is fiverr.And after looking at third platform, don't skip the article, but read the article carefully once.I will tell you a way through which without any skill you will be able to earn from fiverr.

How to earn from fiverr?

As you know that the competition in fiverr is very high.But if you go to fiverr and search "PDF to word convert" there you will get many results.But this is a category where you don't need any skill. You can also use any online website to convert PDF to Word.And due to the high competition, you will have to work a little harder.

What is the payment method on fiverr?

There is Paypal with zero fee on fiverr to withdraw you money.

So friends these are 3 trusted and legit site here you can earn money by typing.I don't think we need any withdraw proof for these websites because they are websites that everyone knows about.Because these website are very famous freelancing website.

I hope friends you have liked our article earn money by typing.If you have any question then ask from us by comment.

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