3 best keyword tools

 Hi friends,Those who are beginners in blogging do not know properly which keyword research tools are good and how to generate good keywords from them. Therefor, in today's article I will tell you 3 best keyword tools with the help of which you can generate a keyword that has high volume and low competition.And after writing post and doing SEO with it you can get good traffic.So if you want to know 3 best keyword tools then read this article till the end.And these tools are absolutely free of cost.Means that you don't even have to pay for them.

So let's know:



So Friends our first keyword research tool is ahref.It is a very famous keyword research tool.And it's very easy to use.This is very good keyword research tool and I am also using it from 2 years.

how to generate a keyword with ahref?

For this you first need to go to "google" and type in "ahref keyword generator" and you will get the ahref website at number one.After opening it, a search bar will appear in front of you, in this search bar you have to write your keyword.And after that you have to click on "find keyword".And after that another screen will open in front of you where you can see your keyword, its difficulty and also its volume.

best keyword tools


So friends our second keyword research tool is wordtracker.This is a free keyword research tool.Although it also has premium plans,But you can research up to fifty keywords in a day for free.So you can use it to research keywords that have a good volume and low keyword.


So friends our third keyword research tool is Semrush.It is also a famous tool.It is a paid tool but you can do 10 keyword searches per day.If we talk about SEO then semrush is considered one of the best tools.It is the oldest tool that play an important role in SEO.You can use it easily.

best keyword tools

So friends these are 3 best keyword tools.If you want to research your keyword in easyway then you can select any keyword research tool from them.

I hope you have got alot of information from this article "best keyword tools".

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