Simple Countdown Timer html

 Hi Friends, I hope you are doing well.In this post I am giving you a simple countdown timer html.Please read this post carefully and follow these all step So that you don't make any mistake.

Simple Countdown Timer html

But before proceeding let's understand first what is download countdown timer?

What is Download Countdown Timer?

When you go to a website to download something, they say this message " your download will start in "X'' second.And after the countdown timer ends, the website redirects you to another page and many advertisement also appears on the download page.

Why we add Download Countdown timer?

There are many benefits to add download countdown timer in your blog.

The biggest benefit of add download countdown timer in your blog is It will reduce your website bounce rate which will increase your ranking in google.

After adding this countdown timer in your blog you will see your AdSense earning start increasing because it will allow to run many AdSense ads on download page.

How to add Download Countdown timer in your blog?

This download countdown timer was only available for WordPress but know we can also add it in our blogger.This timer use Javascript and HTML.

Log into your Blogger dashboard.

Click on pages and add a new page.

Click on pencil button and click HTML view.

Copy the below simple countdown timer html code and paste it on your page.

<br />

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<br />

<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">


   var count = 15; // Number of remaining seconds.

   var counter; // Handle for the countdown event.

   function start() {

    counter = setInterval(timer, 1000);


   function timer() {

    // Show the number of remaining seconds on the web page.

    var output = document.getElementById("displaySeconds");

    output.innerHTML = count;


    // Decrease the remaining number of seconds by one.



    // Check if the counter has reached zero.

    if (count < 0) { // If the counter has reached zero...

     // Stop the counter.



     // Start the download.

     window.location.href = "Enter your download link here";




   // Start the countdown timer when the page loads. 

   window.addEventListener("load", start, false);


<br /><b>

<h2>Your download will begin in <span id="displaySeconds">15</span> seconds.</h2><br />

<br />

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<br /><br /></b></div>

Paste your adsense ad code where this tense is write ( Enter Adsense code here ).

And Paste your Download File link where this tence is write (add your download link here).

Publish Your Page.

Your timer is ready.You have to paste this simple countdown timer html code where you want to add countdown timer free.

I hope this blog post simple countdown timer html was easy to understand for you and you got a lot of information.

If You have any question then feel free to comment below.

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