How to Get Adsense Approval Fast

 Hi Friends, I am Ghulam Bahoo,Welcome to our blog with a new article.If you are searching for how to get adsense approval fast.So today your search will end because in this article I will completely explain you in easy way that what are the things you need for Adsense approval.

How to Get Adsense Approval Fast

So let's gets started:

So I will tell you just 3 things.If you do these three things properly, you will definitely get AdSense approval.

1.Search Console

It is the first step and very important step.You have to add your site in search console and add sitemap.After writing each post, you have to add in the search console.

How to add Site in search console

If you don't know how to add your site in search console.So don't worry it is very easy.

First of all you have to open google search console website and click on start now and select you gmail and click on ''Add Property'' and on ''url prefix'' add your site url and click on continue.If you are searching about how to get adsense approval fast then it is very important step to index your each post other wise you will be reject as low value content.

If you use blogger then you website will automatically be verified.And If you are using WordPress then you will see many option and select any one from them and verify your site.

You have to index your every post in google search console.

2.Number Of Post

Before applying for adsense you should have 30+ post on your blog.

Every article should have 800 to 1500 world.

I was got adsense approval on my another site on 30 post and each post was 1000+ word.


It is our 3rd step that you have to make policy pages on you blog.The pages are contact-us,about-us, privacy policy,disclaimer etc.

How to make Policy pages

Search on google that how to make policy pages and select any site and paste your url and it will automatically make you pages.Set this pages on your blog.


It is a tool that makes your website beautiful and design your website.It is a folder with a set of pages and beautiful background which is written in some programming language.

It is the last and important step that you have to add a beautiful theme on your blog.If you choose right and beautiful theme then it will make your site more attractive and easy to use and google adsense will definitely approve your site.

There are many themes available on internet some are cost of free and some paid.You can also get adsense approval on free theme.

I suggest you to use newplus theme which are available for blogger and it is cost of free.I also use this theme in my each site.

I hope you got a lot of information from our article how to get adsense approval fast.If you include this all step on your blog and follow all the instruction then you will definitely get adsense approval on your site.

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